What Stereotypical Married Women Need to Know about Their Unmarried Former Friends


1. We aren’t “doing whatever we want” all the time. We have jobs. When we’re off work, we’re being responsible adults. You know, cooking, cleaning, taking care of others, paying bills, repairing stuff. Handling everything on our OWN for the most part.
2. Yes, some of us do want to get married one day. But we’re not settling just to get a ring. And we’re certainly not worshiping your “higher/more blessed by God” status.
3. No, we don’t want to steal your husband.

4. We understand married life is busy. We’re busy too. Say hi every once in a while. It’s not like we see our single friends that often either.

5. We felt it when you dropped us as soon as there weren’t any more showers to be held for you. (You’re welcome, by the way.)

6. We really would have been incredibly flexible just to spend a little bit of time catching up with you.
7. We don’t just want to be your babysitter. But we do enjoy the opportunity to spend time with kids.
8. Pretty much the only thing that changed between us was marital status.
9. We noticed when you unfriended us.
10. We may have seen a lot more of life than you think we have. We don’t think you’re wiser just for saying “I do.”
11. We are good with your [insert product here] sales parties. But we notice when we’re only invited to meet your guest quota. Also, we’re probably tight on money (see #1 above), so don’t expect too much.
12. We like who we are. We are strong, independent women. However, we may lack the self-confidence to reach out. Being well into adulthood and single means we’ve dealt with a lot of rejection.
13. We found out that not all married people treat single people like this… We’re friends with them now.
14. We will ALWAYS be grateful for the friends that didn’t walk down the aisle and immediately forget we exist. You guys are awesome! 🙂


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