Just Hmmph…

Today. Is. Monday.

Today, my work computer won’t stay online for more than 10 minutes. Today, the printer will only print the top inch of anything I try to print. Today, people annoy me. Today, I feel like I have no purpose. Today, I feel like I don’t belong. Today, I feel out of focus and almost numb.

And if I talk about it, the listener would say, “Why?” And I would have to say that it is for no reason in particular. Because sometimes, a bunch of little things can come together and create a problem.

What little things? Well, I’m coming down from a really fun weekend. My hormones are starting to go into PMS stage. My ex tried to add me on Facebook. Technology hates me. And I took OTC sleep medicine last night (depressant/antihistamine + April = all messed up in the feels). I really do want to run away somewhere and sleep.

Hopefully, the effects of the medicine will wear off, and I’ll feel better tomorrow. Today, I’m just gonna draw a smile on my face and take it one step at a time. Because that’s what I am…I’m persistent.





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